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Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics

Fiber optic networks are the fastest, most reliable means of creating a network infrastructure in your home or office. Learn why fiber optics is the best choice in the telecommunications industry.

Fiber Optics
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We supply only the best brands on the market. Our fiber optic supplies are the quality you need to create a safe, lightning-fast network that your business can depend on to stay up and running.


We Buy, Sell, and Refurbish Communication Shelters

Communication Shelters

Save money on your fiber optics with our special offers and free consultation.

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About Us

TelcoDen offers a wide variety of networking services and products, including long-haul fiber construction, splicing, ISP engineering and installation, and power distribution. We saw the need for quality products and services in the telecommunications market that the distributors in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area did not provide. Our goal is to make your indoor or outdoor fiber optics network safe and reliable, with products such as cables, pigtails, patch cords, splice distribution panels and cases, and much more.

There are many companies that offer pieces and parts, but none that offer the extensive services that we do. We do everything needed to install, service, expand, and enhance your fiber optic system. With support for small and large systems, we offer a full range of fiber optic hardware at economical prices. We use only top-quality materials to help you customize solutions for your home or office.

Our fiber hardware may be used for a wide variety of applications and in many environments, including plenum spaces, underground settings, aerial attachments and more. We even supply concrete shelters to house complex systems in outbuildings to keep your materials safe from inclement weather. Our components are used in dozens of industries transferring information and data, and by the many businesses, schools, government buildings, industrial plants, and homes that require them.

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