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Get the Best Network Possible with Quality Fiber Optics

TelcoDen believes that making the best fiber optics systems starts with using top-quality hardware components. That is why we are dedicated to supplying only the finest fiber-optic cables and equipment in the telecommunication services industry to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the rest of the nation. Whether you are running communications to a new office or conference room, installing an integrated visual system with TVs and cameras, fulfilling internet requirements across a university, or repairing splices or damaged cords, you will find the complete set of essential hardware at TelcoDen.

Why Fiber Optics

Fiber wiring is a pinnacle medium for internet service, as well as TV and phone lines, and is widely used to distribute communications throughout large office buildings, college campuses, apartment buildings, and many more. Optical cables transmit data using lighter, smaller materials than traditional cables, saving you space and money. They are also unaffected by interference and when properly installed, won't cross over between lines. Optical cables are made of glass, which means they are not electrically conductive and will not pose fire or electrocution hazards.

Fiber Optics With Us

All you have to do is select the cable types, quantities, and lengths that suit your system, and we will supply everything you need to upgrade your system. Thanks to lightweight design and low cost, fiber cables can be used extensively throughout a building, easily connected to a new or existing fiber optics system through splicers and adaptors. Once installed, our patch chords will allow you to easily connect additional telecommunications equipment and our fiber splice distribution panels allow you to divide or reconnect the system yourself. You can even move your cables across the room, through walls, around obstacles, and through narrow spaces with ease.

Fiber Optics

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