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To whom it may concern,

Imon communications in 2010 wanted to standardize the fiber distribution panels used at customer sites. So we approached several companies too supply us with panel models they had. Our fiber grouped accessed each panel for ease of use, flexibility and durability of how the panels can be customized for are needs.

It was determined that TelcoDen panels excelled in all categories. Along with being affordable and short leads time it was an easy decision to go with them.

Since then we have deployed hundreds  of TelcoDen panels and had a great relationship with the company. It is our panel of choice at IMON.

Randy Schoon

Manager of Construction and Engineering 
IMON Communications 
Cedar Rapids, IA

To whom it may concern,

I would like to commend and recommend Dennis Lee and his company Telcoden . We have been customers of Telcoden for several years and they have become my go to guys for anything we need for fiber panels, copper cable and fiber cable. Dennis and his staff are always ready to help with any job you may have. They are my first call for fiber panels when we have a job to do for a customer because of ease of use, good quality panels which are complete with everything we need. They come complete with pigtails, protection sleeves, splice trays, and mounting hardware. Telcoden also normally keeps equipment in stock and will ship out what we need sometimes the day ordered. They can handle anything from small projects up to very large projects with multiple equipment. We are proud to be customers of Telcoden and I recommend them highly. Dennis and his staff are always ready to help at any time and when called for quotes on jobs we normally have an e-mailed quote within a few hours. I recently had an emergency job where a college had lost its fiber service and needed it rebuilt as soon as possible 2-calls to Tecoden and problem was solved. We had all of our equipment and  fiber in less than a week. Just a final note also cost of Telcodens equipment is very competitive and most times less expensive than other suppliers.

Steve Wootten

Diamond H Services Inc.